"current status icon for Twitter" support page.

Free application for adding a current status icon to Twitter

"current status icon for Twitter"

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Support iOS version:over 4.0


The version that revised a fatal problem that an icon change after the second was not possible today was shown by itunes store.

How about using a Twitter current status icon for communicating those subtle status changes for which a tweet is not really necessary?

With this "Twitter current status icon," you can easily let your followers know your current status through the addition of one of 18 icons, including "busy," "free," "eating," etc., to the bottom right of the icon you currently use.

Note: You can tweet that you have made a change at the same time as you actually make the icon change.

Note: In some rare cases when the Twitter server is unusually busy, when changing your picture it may take some time for the new picture to appear. If this happens, simply wait for a moment and then refresh the browser. If it still does not load, wait for another moment and then try changing your picture again.

Note: This application allows you to save your original icon and go back to it, but if you uninstall the application, it cannot be retrieved, so it is recommended that you make a back-up of your original icon.

Note: Depending on the environment in which you are using Twitter, the icon image may be cached every time. If it does not refresh, please try closing Twitter, or changing your settings to delete the cache, etc.

■ What we did to check if the image refreshed

Access from a PC browser - refreshing the page allowed the changes to be confirmed immediately.

Twitter official iPhone application - refresh was confirmed by going to the stage where the timeline is separated, or by closing it from the multi-task memory and re-opening it.


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